The Program

The program is divided into two parts: day and night

During the day we’ll focus on individual processes, everyone can be free to organize their day as they like with the activities available: library and readings, walks, swimming, yoga, visiting the ruins, producing some kind of work, collecting materials, images, sounds, resting or whatever is part of the life practices of each participant.

Meals will be organized around common sharing. Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner will be provided, with specificities in each case that may be required.

Optional activities: each participant can propose different daytime activities, practices or workshops according to their area of expertise. In this way, it’s possible for each participant to bring their uniqueness to nurture the intelligence of the group. These activities will be planned in advance and organized together when each group arrives at the house.

During the night we’ll focus on group activities through the training program and sky gazing. Each night after sunset we’ll have classes of approximately 4 hours with a focus on the visible bodies and constellations, the cardinal points and the understanding of space. Learning night by night to recognize the stars and grasp the magnitude of the constellations, with their myths, history and symbolism as well as logically follow the lunar phases.

Likewise, we’ll take a look at the positions of the stars of each participant at the moment of their birth, in order to generate a specific link with those particular stars. 

We will talk about the tradition around the fixed stars in astrology and its application in contemporary readings, introducing you to the different authors and interpretation techniques around the subject.

Each group will be organized according to the affinity of interests and proposals, in addition to the language spoken by the participants. There will be groups in English and Spanish.