Stars and community: the archive for the future

As we mentioned, to investigate and tell the stories of the stars is not only to talk about what is out there, but also about our way of inhabiting and living together.

These are stories that are enriched by the diversity of points of view and that is why this is an archive that must be developed collectively.

This space will be open to the documentation and works of the participants and to the exchanges of each group.

A time frame of six to eight months is proposed after the stay in the residency in order to share material to be included in this archive.

To think about the sky and the stars is to think about ourselves as a community and collective creation. That’s why we want to propose this space of expression and exchange but also of narration of the stories that we’ll live together. 

The possible production formats will be discussed individually once the residents arrive at the house.

Residents 2023: Archive will be available from December 10th 2023