Mission: Body, sky and territory

Our mission is to generate a context of education, research and training in the observation of stars, constellations and planets, in order to create a more direct relationship with the visible sky. We will have a transdisciplinary approach through the different historical, mythological, symbolic and philosophical visions of the sky, as well as fundamental astronomical knowledge.

Through the practice of the body in space and systematic orientation, we will seek to lay the foundations of new perceptions, in the learning of bodily experience. Ancient astronomical and contemporary astrological bases will help us to enrich our gaze and rethink our presence on earth.

The project is called The league of stars, emphasizing the meaning of the word “league” as “that which unites”, in this case with the stars. Proposing in first place an astrological retreat, a practice of leaving the usual parameters of time, daily life and obligations, to enter into a magical or sacred timeline determined by the rhythms of the sky. And secondly as an artistic residency, creating a proper context to research and stimulation in the transdisciplinary creative process. Anyone interested in making a creative process in relation to the sky can apply. 

We want this experience to be a plus of sense in the processes of production, creation and development of diverse practices, which in some way, the sky can be a toolbox, a source of inspiration in future productions, either from the physical, philosophical, symbolic, artistic, etc.

For this purpose, we propose an intensive training with a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 3 weeks, where each participant can be part of a heterogeneous group of interchange and sharing of knowledge. 

It’s not intended that there will be immediate results during the stay, instead the experience will function mainly as one of absorption, learning and research, so from this starting point in the following months and with the time that each one needs, creation can emerge, in the form of text, image, video, performance, installation, objects, and other divergent forms. This will constitute a public archive for the future. 

Finally, and to put ourselves in context, let’s think that the sky is our learning territory, our playground, and that every star out there is part of the same ones seen by all human beings in the history of humankind. To talk about the stars isn’t only to talk about something that’s out there, but also about everything that we have unconsciously and collectively projected onto them.

The constellations are images constructed for thousands of years by the whole of humanity. All ancient cultures have seen different images, but why now are 88 constellations? What do these images tell and who has determined that they are those and not others?. 

Well, we will be looking a lot into this, into the decolonization of the gaze, in order to recover ancient knowledge from a contemporary point of view.

The value of the project lies in understanding how urgent is the need to find new ways of inhabiting spaces, telling stories, exchanging and enriching ourselves with others, caring and developing awareness in the ways we share and generate community.

That is why if you feel the call to nurture from this experience and to nurture us with your presence, don’t hesitate to apply, we would love to know more about you and what you have to contribute to the group.

Luz Peuscovich – Project director